Adopt The New Technology Stack for Education


Simple, intuitive user experience for faster adoption

Fully integrated

Connected IT systems for a unified digital experience


Anytime anywhere access with scalable cloud servers

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Classroom (LMS)

Make Learning More Effective & Easy

  • Plan classes & Upload study material for quick reference.
  • Submit, Review & Grade assignments anywhere anytime!
  • Set class reminders and never miss a class!
  • Increase competitiveness among students with interactive live quizzes.
  • Gain real-time insights on active classes & upscale classroom learning.
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Campus Help Centre

Automate All Campus Workflows In One Go!

  • Simplify routine campus services with inbuilt custom workflows
  • For example – IT Help Desk, Women Safety Cell, Anti-Ragging, Grievance Redress etc.
  • Assign service requests to team members & track their current status
  • Take data driven decisions to optimize campus resource allocation
  • For example – No of requests raised & closed, Average request closing times etc.
  • Give Feedback: Provide feedback to quality of services rendered
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Discover Campus Wide Events In One Place!

  • Get to know about campus wide events in one place.
  • For example - Conferences, meetings, seminars & other cultural & technical events
  • Book event rooms & register for the events with a click of a button!
  • Never miss an event with timely event reminders & email alerts.
  • Manage event participants & download event reports for compliance, ranking and accreditations.
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Effectively Manage Placements at Campus!

  • Allow students to apply for job & internship opportunities
  • Track student applications & send personalized mobile notifications
  • Boost institution reputation & increase enrolment with accurate placement data, scheduling & real-time reports.
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Campus Feed

Always Stay Updated With Campus Feed

  • Share motivation videos, campus news, events, cultural event photos & more.
  • Have a question? Clear your doubts & queries easily!
  • Get to know about all important circulars & notices at one place.
  • Join campus clubs & chapters, student body groups & follow them to stay updated of their activities.
  • Never miss a class or event with automated reminders!
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Collect Student Feedback & organize surveys!

  • Collect feedback on faculty members, instructors & other teaching staff
  • Conduct research surveys for market research classes, thesis papers etc.
  • Collect feedback on campus wide events
  • Create evaluation surveys to gather feedback from students & instructors on courses, curriculums, and more.
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Clubs & Chapters

Boost campus engagement 360 degrees!

  • Introduce new clubs and chapters to prospective students and get
  • Create a digital community of students and faculty & promote campus activities
  • Run exciting competitions, quizzes & boost engagement
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Stay Informed at all times!

  • Become an environment friendly campus by going paperless.
  • Sensitive notice? Safeguard student interest by targeted notices via CollPoll.
  • Boost efficacy with anytime anywhere digital notice board.